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 The South Blue

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PostSubject: The South Blue   Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:51 am

South Blue
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The South Blue, is an ocean in the One Piece World. South Blue, like its sister seas, comprises almost entirely of ocean, with a few scattered islands and a border with Red Line.

The revolver Mr. 5 uses for his Breeze Breath Bomb attack is a new model from the South Blue. South Blue is also home to an island famous for its martial arts known as Karate Island.

Historic information:
Some 200 years ago the ship dubbed the St. Bliss left from the Bliss Kingdom carrying a crew towards the Grand Line. The crew reached Skypiea eventually on their journeys but something happened once there, and the entire crew was sent Cloud Drifting, likely for major crimes. 200 years later the St. Bliss fell back onto the Grand Line. The ship was a wreck, and many would assume a fight had broken out, which may have happened during cloud drifting. Nothing more is known as for sure fact except that the ship was cloud drifting.

Also during this period, in a certain region of the South Blue it was once a custom to cover teeth with tar to help preserve them.

Places in the South Blue:
Bliss Kingdom (Unknown if this kingdom still exists today)
Karate Island
Arms (gun) Manufacturer (Not officially confirmed)
Saint Reia

People from South Blue:
Jewelry Bonney
Eustass Kid
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The South Blue
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