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 The Mugiwara Crew

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PostSubject: The Mugiwara Crew   Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:58 am

..Around the world of one piece there are many crews that set dreams and have many goals one that has a dream that will streach across the world is the mugiwaras crew..

Captain Monkey D. Luffy: The captain of the mugiwara crew and the one who gave the name to the crew...luffy was a kid who once met a pirate named shanks who he took an insperetion to..after mistakeingly eating the GOMU GOMU NO Mi..he gained permecia devil fruit powers..he could then strech and do many things..only thing is he cant swim..his careing for his nakama is something that drives him strnger..he has gone throught many advantures and problems with his crew...he carries one true treasure apart from his crew...the strae hat shanks gave him..and he holds a promise with that give it to shanks when they meet first he gained a bounty of 30 million then 100 million and then after going agains the world goverment gained a bounty of 300 million...which is pretty big..his #1 dream is to become pirate king..and he will do that with his 9 nakamas that he will find..

(ex)Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro: luffys right hand first mate, he is a swordsman that is very determined and very strong..even if others dont believe in his captain..he will believe no matter what...he was once a pirate hunter untill luffy rescued him from a marine base..ever since he has been with luffy and the crew..his main goal is to become the strongest swordsman by defeating the shichibukai dracule mihawk..his first encounter with dracule ended in his defeat..but he still drives on..with his master of the santoryu three swords style..he will travel with his meitou and keep that promise he made with a dear friend a long time ago..first bounty was 60 million..he now carries a fiearce bounty of 120 million..

Cat Burgler Nami Swisarani: at first she had been tricking luffy and his crew untill that time came...when luffy and the crew found out her village was slaveing to arlong a merman pirate and she had been hurt many times by him..luffy had gotten very the sight of arlong luffy went into a fiearce battle and rescued nami and gained her trust and more...ever since she has been the navigator of luffys crew..and an excelent one at that..she fights with a weapons called the climatact made by usopp and the skypea mostly has to do with weather but does lethal damage..her dream is to draw a map of the whole world which is pretty big...over all she sticks with luffy and the crew..and her loev for treasure will drive her nuts..her first bounty is 16 million...which is pretty good

SharpShooter Usopp & sogeking: cowardly at some point usopp is ur man for a good joke...even thou he looks weak and more..he sometimes builds up the courage to battle..he hasnt done much untill when luffy went up againts the world goverment...he then dressed up as a super hero called sogeking to go along..due to him and luffy haveing a fight and usopp leaving the crew..his new weapon the kabuto is very good and has many thriller park he shows his manly ness by battling one of morias henchwomen..of course nothing can separate luffys and this man..his bounty as in sogeking is 30 million..which is a very good acconplishment even for usopp..his dream is to become srong and a man of the sea like his dad...yasopp who is on shanks crew

Black Leg Sanji: the use to be vice-chef of the sea resturant baratie..he is an excelent crew and is a cook fighter at kenpo..after joining luffys crew ge has made good food for them and saved them at some points..he has a very flirty mood when with pretty ladies, he dosnt use his hands to fight only for cooking...his once enemy and then sensei was red leg zeff...who was a famous pirate untill he lost his feet..he now carries the title of black leg sanji..his bounty is currently 77 million beli...but he dosnt have a picture for his bounty due to him not takeing or accepting it..his dream is to find the great sea ALL BLUE where all the fishes of the sea comes to.

Docter tony tony chopper: althou being a reindeer he is a very good docter....chopper is a reindeer with a clue nose who ate the human human fruit..he has gained human abilities and much more...not being accepted into his reindeer clan even at birth he was forced to leave and only walk behind..he soon excountered luffys crew who accepted him as a nakama and saved him from wapol at drum island..learning all he can from his figure like dad hiruruck and Dr.kurehai he now ventures with luffy and his crew....he's mostly shy at times when people compliments him..with the rumble balls he can gain many forms and fighting abilities...he also has this destructive form called OVERLIMIT CHOPPER which is when he uses too much rumble balls..he goes out of controll and destroys everything..his bounty is only 50 beli..due to him looking like a pet to the navy and them not seeing his fighting anilties,,his dream is to be a world famous docter..

Devil's Child Nico Robin: branded with a bounty of 80 million at child hood...robins child hood island home was burned down by the navy...the island was inhabitat by very smart archyology people...aokiji a navy admiral had accepted her escape after a fight with the vice-admiral who tried to save her, and who saved her mother in the past before.he was part of boruque works a bunch of secreat people under the controll of sir crocodile who is a shichinukai and was laler defeat by luffy..she joined luffys crew who accepted her as a nakama and cared for her..just like the vice-admiral told her to..she was again saved from luffy who had to go againts the world goverment to save her,,she is very smart and nice and carries the hana hana no mi..a fruit that lets her multiply her body parts mostly hands,feet,and eyes...her dream is to find a very special ponoglyph..her bounty again now is 85 million beli..

Cyborg Franky(Cutty Flam): being the son of a famous man Tom...and by famou i mean building the pirates kings ship famous..franky was a good engeerere and inventor for weaponsl...he was the one who had stolen luffys money from skypea and was the one who fought him..he later joined there crew but by force cause he had gotten a bounty of 44 million beli.for helping them agains the world goverment...he is part cyborg and a man of good dances..his dream is to make the ship he made for the mugiwara crew thousands sunny go after the destruction of there ship merry be the ship of the pirate king...

Silent musicion Brooke: brooke is the only who just joined the crew so he's mostly the new guy...apart from being a skeleton from eating the revive fruit..which brings back someones soul after death to the body..he is a very good musicion and swordsman..he mas many jokes called his skull jokes...which gets some annoyed and laughting..he join the crew after lufy had gotten his shadow back from shichibukai gecko moria..his bounty is a between 28-44 million beli....his dream is to meet up with laboon again..thats the reason he treasures his afro dearly..

..Apart from luffys missing another crew member his crew si far has been great, and awsome nakamas...they all have sad past and now great future..
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The Mugiwara Crew
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